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Friends and family will love eating this scrumptious "Southern-Style" dressing at your table, and they will want to know your recipe... Please don't keep this product a secret! If you love the product, then tell everyone you know where to get it!


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Rather than spending proceeds from sales on expensive advertising, I have found that "Word of Mouth" is the best form of advertising available for a product like this.  In this way, portions of all sales proceeds can go directly to organizations that are doing good in the Birmingham area and around the world!  Direct your friends to order at : You can remember it by thinking of turkeys with clothes on!  ;)


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When ordering product, you have several package options to choose from: one packet, two packets, three packets, six packets or a special gift set of three packets of seasoning mix and three packets of mulling spices. By purchasing multiple packets at a time, you'll ensure that you have enough for your own table AND you can share the love with friends, family, teachers, service providers or co-workers.  Offer this savory hand out to those you just want to bless with something good.

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